Why do I need an artistic calendar?

I’m not taking calendars this year, because I was very disappointed with last year’s.Alphonse Allais said.

But no, that’s not true cone on, don’t be like that!

How many times have we attributed to calendars tragic events, revealing phrases, love and hate for guy or dude, missed or tremendous appointments? good and bad memories, a good slice of life on those pages.

The calendar seems like a living being, indeed a cohabiting being. It seems to whisper from those pages the life of all those twelve months you just lived. In December when we take it off the wall or remove it from the desk, we flip through the past months rekindling memories, vacations marked from beginning to end, taxes to pay, doctor’s appointments, phone numbers written on the fly.

When I draw a calendar I always think about all these things in life but I also think about how to improve the mood of those who look at it every day.

I think about words, I think about colors, I think about shapes.

But I also think about how to reuse it when the year ends.

A calendar is something serious for me, I never choose it at random in my studio or home. Many I keep for years. As if they were books to flip through once in a while.

I want to have beauty, I want to smile when I look at it, I want to think.

And I believe that you also don’t pick the first calendar you get your hands on.

I have been designing calendars for a few years now, and my clients buy it for several reasons.

First of all, they can reuse the pages.

At the end of the year they cut out the illustrations and make postcards, bookmarks, small pictures for the children’s room, for the workplace, to give to family and friends.

Then they found that it makes a great Christmas gift: small, colorful, that will remember their gesture all year long.

This year I decided for the whole month of November to give away free shipping in Italy and to share in the shipping costs for abroad.

In addition, I have created four pins that I will give away along with the 2024 calendar.

Those who purchase two copies of the calendar will receive all four. It is my gift to you.

The calendar as usual is signed and is limited edition.

The first copies have already flown out after two days, so if you’re already thinking about the New Year, it’s the perfect time to make and give yourself a gift.

The Leonard Cohen quote on the cover, is my wish for you: may it be a year where you can always find the light in any crack.

I am waiting for you!

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