The caricatures and the most ironic phrases of famous people.

The time has come for a new year, 2022.
And of a calendar born in these days with caricatures of famous people that I drew.
But let’s go in order.
I’ll tell you how this artistic adventure was born.
It all stems from a word that was going around in my head.

Imperfection, or something that has flaws.
Do you feel imperfection on your skin?

Everyone’s day is full of imperfections and every day combined with the others becomes a month and then a lifetime of imperfections.
But is it negative?
Are we unfashionable if we think we are imperfect?

I’m all for praising imperfection.
Because as Salvador Dali says, “don’t worry about perfection, you’ll never reach it.”
If only we made this phrase our own, how much lightness our lives could have!

But what is imperfection?
Is it a lack of perfection?
And what is it that should amaze us?
You only have to look in the mirror to see the asymmetry of the face.
And asymmetry should be imperfect.
Hands are not equal, feet are not equal, our profiles are not equal.
Even twins are not perfectly equal, so nature has no desire for perfection as we understand it.

Speaking of imperfection, this year after designing the calendar for a company, I decided that I would not create anything of my own.
The perfection of not repeating myself.
Although there are friends and clients who write me something for each month, almost as if the calendar was a travel companion throughout the months.
But what to say in another year full of difficulties?
I always want to give a smile, make people think but also lighten the weight of the year.

This year I didn’t think about creating a calendar.
I’ve decided, I’m firm in my conviction, no more repeating myself.
I had stopped in 2020, did it again in 2021 with the idea that the pandemic was over, and said no, I wasn’t going to do a calendar for 2022.
Can you like doing the same things?
If art is repetition and therefore imperfection?
It’s nice to draw a calendar but I would like something different.
I drew one full of color, this year I was thinking black and white, but would that be okay?
So many doubts.

Then a series of happenings.
My doctor asks me if I do the calendar and I say no, friends ask me if I do the calendar and I say no, then another person and then another.
A succession of identical questions.
How do you not do the calendar?
Incredulity on the faces.
And silent, prolonged disappointment.
Then I thought that it wasn’t my desire to create it or not, but it was an expectation of others.
So why disappoint others?
Because of my own personal boredom?
And then why bore me if people love what I do?
But it’s beautiful instead!

Here I thought about these imperfect times and the difficulty of living these years imperfectly.
Life is full of obstacles, of more or less beautiful surprises, of difficulties, but the genius lies in riding this stormy sea.
This is how I feel, imperfect in an extremely imperfect moment, poised between comedy and tragedy, full of doubts, fears and question marks.
How to exorcise all this?
By using imperfect faces and vitriolic phrases.
Irony and sarcasm are my trademark, you know.
And I love to give a smile as we think.

The calendarImperfection 2022” is exactly that.
Caricature portraits of famous people and their biting phrases.
The thought that closes December is perhaps the most caustic, but I won’t reveal it to you.
And I left the phrases in Italian because many people from other countries often ask me to write something in my language.
I used very simple phrases that you can easily translate with google.
And at the end of each month everyone can detach the illustration and frame it and hang it in the place they love.

Do you want the truth?
No one is perfect, no life is perfect, no year will ever be perfect.
But knowing that, the perfection that will still come for a few moments, we will savor it better.

The calendar is online, it’s a limited edition and is signed and numbered.
If you want to give it as a gift I can also add a dedication.
Shipping to Italy is free.
Hurry up, they are few and some have already flown to Europe.


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