frida kahlo paper doll
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Frida Kahlo paper doll The Bride collage

Why Frida Kahlo fascinates us so much? because she had a very strong character? because she had a very specific artistic identity? because she has suffered so much and yet has continued to create?

frida kahlo paper doll
frida kahlo paper doll

Frida Kahlo paper doll collage, 2013

Why Frida Kahlo has become an icon?
I don’t know. I like so much her oniric world, her passion, her colors.
I saw some of her paintings in Rome some years ago and her paintings breathe the suffering, the desire for life, awareness of her own talent.
A quote by Frida: I would like to… be able to do whatever I want to behind the curtain of “madness”in This way: I would arrange flowers, all day. I would paint pain, love and tenderness, I would frrely laugh at others, but above everything I would laugh at myself. I would build my world that would be mine and theirs as long as I live…
Sometime I create Frida Kahlo paper dolls.It’s a way to feel the flow of life in a deeper way.
Such as Frida said…Tree of hope, stay strong!

Frida kahlo paper doll collage
Frida kahlo paper doll collage



frida kahlo bride collage
frida kahlo bride collage

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