cappuccetto rosso
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Garcia Lorca-Little Red Riding Hood

The Story of a young girl-Little Red Riding Hood and a Big bad Wolf, a grandmother and a forest. This fairytale is written by Charles Perrault and It has had some adaptations and readings.

The story: I was invited to a Collective Show on December 2012, after my Solo Show at MAN museum. The theme of This Collective was Little Red Riding Hood.

cappuccetto rosso
cappuccetto rosso

I decided to use a book of Garcia Lorca,written in the early months of 1919, and remained unpublished until 1994.

Lorca reinterprets the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with an ironic and graceful ingenuity, often shuffling the cards and drawing on other sources, making the visit to Paradise girl who, like Dante Alighieri, is lost in the woods and using the materials of the traditional fairy tale for a very personal speech.
The result is a metaphor of poetry and love, which reminds us that the world can not abandon their poetic tales and stories.

I imagined my little red riding hood over an open book, with a group of eyes (you must read the Lorca’s poem to understand why these eyes). A mixed media sculpture made with paper, books, copper, glass, polymer clay, plastic.

cappuccetto rosso
cappuccetto rosso

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