free tutorial-paperdolls with seashells
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FREE tutorial-How to make paper dolls with seashells

free tutorial-paperdolls with seashells
free tutorial-paperdolls with seashells

A free paper doll tutorial with shells and paper!
You do not need lots of material to have fun. A few objects easily available around you are all that you need! Fun at zero cost is the best medicine of the soul!
I have created this video for you who want to develop your creativity, but also for your kids, when they get bored during the long summer afternoons.

When taking a walk on the beach with your friends or kids, collect stones, shells, pieces of wood that you like and store them during the winter…
As soon as winter has gone and you can work in the garden under the beach umbrella, express your gratitude to the Nature for the precious shapes it gave to you.
Watch the video and learn how to create your paper doll.

How to make four dreamcatcher garland paper dolls

Group your items as you like based on shapes, colors and size.
Take a black pen and try to draw a human figure: decide whether it will be a female or a male, an angel, a child or simply indulge in your imagination.

Draw the main elements. I recommend you draw the face details, but not the hair.
Under the neck, place a shell that you’ll have selected to make the dress and, under the dress, draw the legs and the shoes (or maybe not: remember, be free, unleash your creativity!).
You can make the dress with just one shell, or a few shells, or many shells in a line: watch the video and decide the steps you’d like to follow.
On the sides of the dress, draw the arms.

Now let’s move to the head: add the small shells around the head and, when you are happy with the result, if you want, draw some curls around it.
As you will see in the video, I have also used sand to make the hair.

Every time you create a complete paper doll, take a picture of it. You will have four dolls.
With a graphic program on your pc, paste the pictures and print them in Letter form format.
Cut the figures out as shown in the video and pierce a hole on the head and another one between the legs.
Insert a cotton thread in the heads hole to hang the figure, and another one, with braided shells, between the legs.

In my collection I had different shells that were already pierced, but if yours are not, you will have to drill holes in them.
The cotton threads may be of different lengths and you can also alternate shells and small timbers or algae.
Finally, cut a cotton thread of the desired length and hang the four paper dolls on it.

Where will you hang these wonderful garlands? I have decided to use them as a decoration for my first summer dinner in June, when I will thank Nature for the treasures it gave me.
And you, my friends?
Show me your wonderful creations and I’ll feature you in my blog!

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