The right distance

Anthropomorphic paper illustrations-The Strange World

What is a Strange World? Sometimes I like to imagine a different and strange world, a hidden and mysterious place, a whole Anthropomorphic paper world for my eyes. And so were born my first anthropomorphic illustrations: animals like plants, plants similar to humans, humans who look like animals. The titles of the Anthropomorphic Illustrations are often evocative: These titles refer to symbols, feelings, situations, memories. I like to create new points of view. I love to create new characters in my Illustrations. And of course, I like to create a Strange World. I create with black pen directly on a heavy paper sheet (white paper, letter form). No design before. While I think, I design.

The right distance
The right distanceillustration

Anthropomorphic Illustration-The Right Distance, black pen on paper,2013

The doubt
The doubt Illustration

Anthropomorphic Illustration-The Doubt, black pen on paper,2013

placebo Illustration

Anthropomorphic Illustration-Placebo, black pen on paper, 2013

God of Opposites
God of Opposites Illustration

Anthropomorphic Illustration-God of Opposites, black pen on paper, 2013.

the secret illustration
the secret illustration

Anthropomorphic Illustration-The Secret, black pen on paper, 2013.

You can see some limited editions of these Strange World Anthropomorphic illustrations in my etsy shop.

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