sculpture-Art mixed media
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Sculpture-Art mixed media world

I’ve always been more fascinated by the modeling shapes and not by the sculpture itself in my Art world.I carved olive wood hard, knotty and scented Mediterranean wood, really a pleasure for the noise and the eyes.I sculpted the soft pear wood and the arolla pine.
But I like to add more material instead of carving.
If I should be remove material, I do it mentally before starting work.

I like to get to the creation of a work after thinking about it for a long time.How long this time? days, weeks, or months at intervals of notes, diagrams or ideas sketched.Sometimes come first the name or the title and then everything else.
For all these reasons my works are often mixed media.
Here are some examples of sculptures, but soon I will add more pictures.

sculpture-Art mixed media
sculpture-Art mixed media

memorie di grano
wood (box wine), polymer clay, copper wire, recycled wooden beads, acylics, enamels, oxidize paints, watercolours, black pen,50X34X12 cm, 2012, mixed media sculpture

memorie di grano-2012
memorie di grano-2012

Sculpture-Art-Memorie di Grano, 2012
Poem on her dress in italian, wrote by me:
Quando il grano era maturo, le spighe suonavano in note piu’ secche e leggere, acute, veloci, gialle. Qualsiasi vento le faceva scuotere al ritmo di una danza tribale quasi dicessero ‘e’ ora, sbrigatevi, dobbiamo trasformarci’.

sculpture-Art-sfogliare i ricordi
sculpture-Art-sfogliare i ricordi

Sculpture-Art-Browse through the memories: Opera scultorea su poesia di Marco Oppes, per gentile concessione, dicembre 2012 (Private Collection)
Paperclay, Apoxie sculpt, Prosculpt, carta fatta a mano con fiori secchi, acrilici oro e nero
40X20X10 cm


Sculpture-Art-Sunset: dried pumpkin, polymer clay, wooden recycled materials, acylics, watercolours, tarnish paint, High 38 cm, 2012

sculpture-Art-sunset detail
sculpture-Art-sunset detail

Inspired by The Little Prince, de Saint-Exupery
-Mi piacciono tanto i tramonti. Andiamo a vedere un tramonto
-Ma bisogna aspettare
-Aspettare che?
-Che il sole tramonti


Sculpture-Art-Taranta: mixed media sculpture, polymer clay, wood, jewelry materials, acrylics, enamels, 20X23 cm, 2012

mixed media-taranta
mixed media-taranta

taranta dance
(from Apulia folk music)
Ballati tutti quanti Ballati forte
ballati tutti quanti ballati forte
ca la taranta e’ viva ma ca la taranta e’ viva e nunn e’ morta

domatore di maestrale
domatore di maestrale

Sculture-Art-domatore di maestrale: polymer clay, recycled materials,tissue paper, copper wire, jewelry materials, wood, enamels. High 38 cm, 2012
Poem by me:
il Domatore di Maestrale
placa gli animi levantini
raffredda i pensieri sciroccati
e incendia le sterpaglie dell’animo


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