I’m not exactly sure how I found Stefania on Instagram but, wonderfully, I did! Her artwork is sophisticated whimsy at its finest. She is a true artist in spirit, skill and accomplishment and she never ceases to amaze with all the directions her art takes her. We love our two Stefania ladies (plus a black and white ink sketch… and a scarf). Though somewhat of a minimalist, I framed the ladies together in an ornate pink frame…and it sings to me! Though we are from different countries, I hope to meet Stefania sometime. Could happen! Last year, I was lucky enough to meet an Instagram artist from Copenhagen whose work I had admired and purchased. IG, at its best, can connect and expand our creative spheres. Grazie, Stefania. Keep those creative juices flowing!
Diane McFadden
It was around eighteen months ago, scrolling my Instagram feed, when I first spotted Stefania Morgante's brilliant artistic scarfs. I fell in love immediately with the abstract design and colours and had to own one. Without delay we began the order, the payment and posting processing began. So we wait, Stefania checking in regularly , 'please, has it arrived'? I impatiently tracked my purchase on it's long journey from Italy to Australia...finally, however, a couple of weeks wait, my beautiful wearable art arrives. I couldn't have been happier..I adore my scarf! So much so I've purchased six others and commissioned and gifted one other. Each scarf has it's own delightful character and colour. They'll eventually, in time, be passed on to my family as heirloom quality art. I consider Stefania a delightful friend. We Instagram chat most days. A fellow artist, I highly commend.
Stefania Morgante is a great Woman and a great Artist. Talented, eccentric, disarming and warm. One of her works, embossed in a scarf, struck my heart, ignited my passion, was the protagonist of a path on sexuality and today she is my little girl's favourite cuddle. I recommend Stefania and I hope you can find in her works a little piece of you as it was for me.
Simona Muzzetta
Stefania Morgante, is an artist I have purchased several works from. Her body of work is large, and multi faceted. Wonderful scarves, badges, paintings...the list goes on. No doubt, an extremely talented and versatile artist. My purchases have arrived very quickly, and are well packaged. I would recommend her wonderful work to anyone, and will be buying again soon.
Trevor Thorogood
The art of Stefania is passionate, intimate but also extravagant,visionary, made of vibrant colors and emotions. I would define her as a volcano of creativity as she can create art with a huge variety of materials and from infinite elements of inspiration.
Greta Facile
Stefania Morgante is a prolific artist who I was so lucky to find and also to collaborate with from 2016 to present day. Interestingly, Stefania has become more than simply another creative; she has sincertely become a friend who I cannot imagine this journey without. I have a plethora of merchandise from Morgante’s shop. A few of my favorite pieces are a notebook in which she sketched a beautiful work of a woman, a scarf with every color of my dreams that I have traveled all over the world with-- and also sometimes use it as a shirt. In addition to these, I have a coloring book that I use to take a break from the (apparently required) adulting of life; focusing on the application of color within the lines helps to make me be present and focus on the now. Stefania’s rkl includes a plethora of subjects. Some of which include creaturesque beings, animals, dolls, women. In these works, too, she might give you the treat of a snippet of poetry here or there. I highly recommend investing in art created by her.
Nakeysha Roberts Washington
Ever since I received the scarf, I've been guarding it like a treasure. For me it is a unique accessory in the world. When my mother gave it to me, I was surprised by her astonishment. After looking at it carefully in every corner without losing even one of its unique and wonderful shades, I wore it immediately. As soon as I put it around my neck, it warmed it up well, it was very light. Wonderful.

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