The Scarf Lovers Club

December 2017. Italy. Almost Christmas.
A dozen ironic artworks on the subject of death celebrate the year’s end to the sound of rock ‘n roll.
They are made with acrylics and markers, classic painting blended with the graphics of Street Art.
They are on exhibition in Piacenza, in an antique bookshop.
The exhibition closes on New Year’s Day and the works return to the studio.

A month later I decide to print some of these on fabrics simply for personal pleasure.

Where did such a distinct idea come from?
I’ve always loved scarfs, but I’ve never bought many for two reasons:

  • exorbitant prices
  • classic design

Once printed, I uploaded them to the social networks to share my joy in finally wearing something different. A few minutes later a journalist writes to me wanting to buy one.
I start designing them so I can wear them, but I can’t keep them in my studio for long. As soon as I post them, a collector wants them.

From January 2018 to today, I can count at least two hundred scarfs designed and sent to collectors all over the world.

What makes them unique?

  • they are all single pieces.
  • they are certified as being such.
  • each scarf is printed on Italian fabrics and in Italy.
  • Some of the materials come from the recycling of plastic to be more eco friendly.
  • the hems are hand-made, and each scarf takes at least five hours of work to hem.
  • I do the stitching myself so that I have complete control over the scarf.
  • the few limited versions contain no more than six scarfs.
  • I conceive the designs of the scarfs as if they were canvases to paint on.
  • this is wearable art.
  • the scarfs are made to be worn by women as well as men. They are genderless.

The motto of @TheMorst, my artist’s signature, is:
A scarf is for who is, not for who has.

Scarfs of my creation are to enhance the person wearing it, not status symbols for those with money.
I search for soul, passion, the taste of those wearing it.

Do you want to join our international club?
If this is your first purchase, you’ll receive it with a bag and a pin.

If you don’t usually wear scarfs but like what I’m doing?
There’s no limit on imagination. I’ve decorated walls in Los Angeles and Paris with my scarfs.

If you don’t want to wear one, maybe your house would!

Use the hashtag #foulartista to find me on Instagram,
or send me an email:

If you aren’t interested in scarfs but you do like art and illustrations, register to receive my newsletter and I’ll send you nine postcards in PDF format dedicated to international and personal festivities that you can print and give to your friends.
We like to celebrate, smile and bring the world together with Art.

An exclusive club full of surprises.

Visit my channel:


You can immediately download Nine free postcards in PDF format!

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you’ll get this bag with a little brooch.

“I’ve a collection… and I’ve given one…one day the woman in my family will inherit a precious scarf in my memory. A personal item that’s been individually crafted and worn.. And I love love the feeling of each individual scarf in my collection. They always make me look well and I feel great wearing them.”
“Every time I wear my scarf I get many compliments. With great pride I then fold open and proudly share your art! people are blown Away!”
“This remarkable artist @stefmorgante puts immense love and creativity into her work. I must say that however beautiful and unusual her piece’s look online, They are ten times more lovely irl. I have had people literally gasp with wonder when I have shown them my scarf.”
”I was thinking that after all I’m choosing scarves with subjects that you can only see if I open them completely… But I use them: they wrap me, I turn them … I only have the true essence.The others glimpse…“
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