Book Covers-Ottolibri
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Book Covers-Ottolibri small publishing reality

Book Covers-Ottolibri
Book Covers-Ottolibri

Ottolibri is a small publishing group that was founded as an initiative of the cultural association Agata and It publishes texts in digital format and, in limited edition, in hard copy.

We might then define an almost “editorial virtuality” that aims to become a special vantage point in the context of Italian and foreign literature, both in fiction and in nonfiction.

I met Eva Clesis on the pages of her book Parole Sante.
This book was recommended to me on facebook and I was very curious: I am always looking for writers who narrate Apulia (Puglia): is a way to keep alive the feelings of my origins.
The earth, the strong colors, superstition and religion:I saw all of this in the Eva’s book (and much other things of course).

We met online, and we have spoken on the day of my birthday about my Art: Eva asked me to collaborate with Ottolibri.
It was born the first cover illustrated by me, for the book by Angelo Dolce Le competenze trasversali dell’amore coming soon in February, this is in fact a preview.

We will talk on it in February with all the details, stay tuned!

Book Covers-Ottolibri-Stefania Morgante
Book Covers-Ottolibri-Stefania Morgante

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