silent movie
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Catalysts MoMA course: Self-Portrait

silent movie
silent movie

We got to the third week of the course with Randall Packer, Catalysts.
Our project of the week was to create a small self-portrait with the iPhone.
A difficult project for me, I do not like to appear.
My vision of art in recent years, has denied the self-portrait and pictures of myself. I want to talk about the artwork depriving it of myself.
However, I was reassured by Randall, He told me:
Not a problem at all. There are many ways to depict and portray the self: you can use objects, you can use your environment, you can use any other aspect of your life that reveals something about yourself.

and so here the video

I tried to talk about me as if I were in a silent movie (recalling the Twenties).
I emphasized body language and gave prominence to the body parts. I used the iPhone and I set up twelve short films.
I used an app that I had on the iPhone, Vintagio, to give the effect in black and white and then I put them together with a program on the PC (movie maker).
I do not have any training as a filmmaker. I just wanted to play with the iPhone and with myself.