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2 thoughts on “Cakes”

  1. Dear Stefania,

    Please know that we in the U.S. are thinking of all of you. Italy has been a cherished country in the hearts of Americans for a long, long time and will always remain so. We wish you the best. Though it has been difficult for your citizens, it looks like your government has taken the right steps to limit exposure and slow the spread of the virus so the medical institutions can regroup.

    As we undoubtedly face a much bigger breakout of the virus here in the U.S., we will also undoubtedly experience similar restrictions on our freedom to move about. Many big events, including athletic competitions, may be cancelled or go on without fans in the stands. Airlines are cancelling flights. People are elbow-bumping or just nodding a greeting to each other. Stores have run out of hand sanitizers and masks (though it is most important that the medical institutions have all they need.)

    As you said, we must resist the fear that accompanies this bad bug, but with all the media coverage it is difficult to do. Keep working on your beautiful and thoughtful art projects and your words. They help us keep things in perspective.

    Stay safe. Take care of your mother.

    Virtual hugs from afar.

    • We’re in the storm and hoping to get out of it. But the rest of the world doesn’t have the perception that it will affect everyone. It’s terrible.❤️


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