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Figaro in the ears, what a delight! and how nice to do sketches before thinking about a new artistic work!

Before every artistic act, I like to “loosen my hand” like an athlete with the muscles, listening to Mozart and drawing.

Mozart is an invaluable treasure to concentrate, rejoice, understand the world and find your own rhythm.

To all this, it must be added that Mozart calms the mind, can alienate you from the madness of urban noise and can pull out of your soul the best that is in you.

I love so much Mozart.

I would like to give you this sketch.

I created it with joy in my heart. It will be yours if you buy a brooch like This (or another brooch of course), and if you add here a comment (a very original comment, an artistic comment in your language) and if you invite at least a friend to my Art tribe page.

Too much?

I think it’s never too much in Art. And I also think that you’ll love this sketch.


Comments and love!

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