A meditative scarf.

The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is considered an organ capable of perceiving invisible realities. It is located just above the root of the nose in a central point of the forehead called ajna in Sanskrit, at the height of the upper eyebrows.
In that point openings towards a vast and deep inner world.
Therefore the third eye is related to the faculties of intuition and vision of entities normally not perceivable.
With meditation exercises, you can open this channel for a supersensible vision.

If the third eye is closed, not acting as a bridge between the known world and the invisible world, many unpleasant things happen:

  • We are unclear about our lives
  • We struggle to make decisions
  • We feel disconnected from people
  • We don’t trust others
  • We judge hastily
  • We don’t trust our intuition
  • We have a creative block
  • We lack inspiration
  • We feel victimized and do not act
  • We do not understand our emotions well
  • We have difficulty communicating them

Therefore, opening the third eye means increasing self-confidence, increasing intuition, having a wider mental elasticity.
It helps us to find a balance between the outside and the inside of ourselves.
It also increases the empathy that is essential to understand the world and feel good with themselves and with others.

But how to open this famous third eye?

Meditate, find the positives around us, express gratitude, increase our creative side, wear colors, especially indigo which is the color of the third eye.
Also cultivate silence, introspection, breathing.

But speaking of colors, I designed a scarf full of eyes, which symbolizes the third eye.
The scarf has different colors related to the chakras:

  • Red: that is the psychic stability in different situations of life, the ability to govern the instincts
  • Orange: that is, pleasure, the joy of living, sexuality expressed to its fullest potential
  • Yellow: or the ability to act energetically, willpower, self-esteem and personal autonomy
  • Green: the ability to love emotionally, that is, to feel a feeling that comes from the heart
  • Blue: creativity, communication, strong aesthetic perception
  • Indigo (which is in the edge of the scarf): that is the tactical and rational mind. It is the third eye, it is the self-confidence.
  • Purple: that is, the marked ability to think strategically, that is, to embrace the situation with thought. It’s self-actualization.

All of these colors, combined with eye shapes, are the theme of my latest scarf made from recycled material.
Over 55% of the fabric is made from recycled plastic, and the fabric is created by Italian artisans who are certified to create fabrics from the waste that would otherwise pollute.
It’s a definite choice I’ve been making for a couple of years now, to seek out great quality fabrics that improve the environment.

In the case of the “third eyescarf, I wanted to give an extra meaning to this fashion accessory, trying to tell a story of well-being through one of my creations.
I’m sure that whoever wears this scarf will gain psycho-physical well-being.

I wish all these colors printed on the scarf, would increase intuition, wisdom, empathy.
Wearing a story is always a creative act.

And to wear one of the mobile canvases that I create, is to transform fabric into a personal accessory.

Be part of the whole, empower dreams, cultivate imagination. Pulling out of yourself a power of creative thoughts you never had.
Wearing colors is a therapeutic act.

Passion, optimism, creativity, joy, vitality: these are the key words of this scarf.
Do you feel all this too?
If you want to see the features of this unique piece of art, click on the button below:

Third Eye

A Meditative Scarf

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