sonic manifestations

Sonic Manifestations-One day of my life

sonic manifestations-poesia
sonic manifestations

Ten soundtracks extrapolated from a day of my life, some deliberately mixed, other naturally happened (and some thoughts on the noise).

You can listen to: the rain, the wind, the motor of the postman, the water flowing into the sink, the electric toothbrush, watches, hammers of the neighboring houses, dogs and birds, the wind, my voice repeating ‘one day’, the oven.
Some sounds are naturally mixed (the rain with nature and the postman in motion), while about the others I tried to superimpose.

I added only two captions in Italian and English.
They are some considerations during the night on the sound (and noises).
The noises that I recorded starting at sunrise and ending at sunset, these sounds cover a whole day (of my life).

Randall told me:Interesting piece of what might be called musique concrete: a musical composition made up of everyday sounds from the environment.
I have in my hands all these soundtracks (and others) and I would like to untangle the knot of the narrative in more ways.
I would be very interested to narrate the sounds, the sounds produced by the weathering and by the nature.
Today I tried to follow the sound of the wind with my voice. The result seemed animalistic, something completely different and that the human ear could not seem natural. A very basic, I know.
I would like to create a new world (a small personal world), where you do not know what is natural, what human and what is not.
Months ago I began a work on metamorphosis, but I had abandoned it because using the sculpture did not satisfy me. This project turned me on the light bulb in my mind.
The idea was: we perceive the natural sounds and noises as they really are or They are filtered by our urban experiences?
urbanization has now upset our perception of space and time?

The question asked myself had its foundation, infact Randall replied to me.

Stef, your question is an excellent one and would form the basis for extensive experimentation: how environmental sounds are filtered by our urban experiences. This is precisely why John Cage chose to live in Manhattan and focused his attention on the ambient sounds of traffic, talking, etc. He felt that in the urban environment we try very hard to filter out the noise, but he felt it was important to keep the ears wide awake, particularly as a composer. So what can you do to activate this attention of the listener to the sounds of the urban environment, when we are so used to shutting everything out.
I think it’s a really interesting way for me to use sounds and noises like a pencil.

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