The art of high heels.

The art of high heels has been immortalized in the movies by characters who identify a brand in a very strong way.
One case above all? Carrie Bradshaw’s blue shoes in Sex and the city, created by the great shoemaker Manolo Blahnik.
The shoes are true objects of art. A cult for women, an object of desire.

High heels are a symbol of elegance, femininity and harmony

High heels are also self-affirmation, because shoes are not only an object of seduction, but also of self-determination.
Netflix paid tribute to Manolo Blahnik with a wonderful documentary and there are many exhibitions on his shoes in the world.
Another big name, Louboutin – whose shoes have the iconic red sole – is currently on show in Paris.
High heels, shoes like art objects: why not immortalize them on a scarf? but we’ll talk about that later.

A personal passion for high heels

My great love for high heels, collided with a ruinous fall a few decades ago, in which I broke an ankle in several places.
This definitely erased my passion for high heels.
But on the other hand, since I was tall, I was able to make up for the lack of high heels, wearing shoes as beautiful as art objects, but without high heels.
However, fate allowed me to cultivate my passion for shoes in a different way.

The high heels and the shoemakers

The great shoemakers have designed shoes with high heels and low heels, because the shoe as an art object to wear, can not exist only in the most dizzying version.
After all, the great Audrey Hepburn wore ballet flats with such grace, that even low shoes are an elegant and cult object.

The high heels and the scarves

I’ve dedicated five scarves to high-heeled shoes.
It’s a way to wear them mentally.
I was inspired by the famous and beautiful sketches of Manolo Blahnik, who is not only a great shoemaker, a shoe designer, but also a studious, a designer, an intellectual.

The Americans have coined a new word to define shoe collectors: “shoeaholic“, that is, those who own more than 60 pairs of shoes.
This obsession with high heels, I immortalized with irony in this scarf:

But I also wanted to imagine a shoe designer’s workshop, a factory where the shoemaker creates the prototypes and I also created this other scarf with numbers, calculations and measurements and shoes. Just as if we were in a shoe laboratory.

I also ironically said “put myself in my shoes” and created a moving sequence of high heeled boots joyfully walking down the street: “In my shoes“.

Not happy to talk about everyday life, about contemporary shoes, I identified with a web search, shoes from the past, with or without high heels. Western and oriental shoes, and I placed them on an ancient globe.
The “Around the world in Eighty Days” scarf, clearly inspired by Jules Verne, talks about designer shoes from all over the world.
Because shoes are not just artistic objects from the West, it’s really a worldwide cult that of designer shoes.

The high heels and the music

My latest creation is reminiscent of the seventies in shapes and colors and this time is inspired by a Lou Reed song, Walk on the wild side.

It’s a more delicate story and the high heels tell something different.
Walk on the wild side was a book written by Nelson Algren in 1956 and was supposed to become a theatrical work, a musical, created by Lou Reed.
Andy Warhol was to participate in this project.
The project was abandoned very soon, but Reed condensed the whole story into one song.

Walk on the wild side and high heels

The song Walk on the wild side, has a magnetic and rhythmic rhythm, almost hypnotic, but tells very heavy stories, homosexuality and transvestism, drugs, sex, with serene, natural tones.
The music has a jazz arrangement built around Herbie Flowers’ bass guitar and Ronnie Ross’ saxophone.
It’s also Lou Reed’s first hit after leaving the Velvet Underground.

At David Bowie’s insistence, the song was released on November 24, 1972 and Bowie himself called it “a classic, wonderful song, absolutely brilliant“.
The scarf does not allude to any of this but absorbs the power of all the talents from which it was born.
It also gathers the strong, fluorescent colours so much in vogue between the sixties and seventies.
Here high heels do not specify a sexuality or a place, they are just a hymn to life, to the beauty of the shoes that take us around the world, to the cult object that is the shoe.

The pleasure of wearing “take a walk on the wild side”

” Take a walk on the wild side” in this scarf means finding a sleeping side of yourself.
Not necessarily sexual, but of image and self-satisfaction.
This scarf invites you to love and like yourself, that’s all.
Of course here high heels are for a very special collector, of any sex, of any age.
Coming directly from Andy Warhol’s Factory and New York from the great ambitions and hub of the art world.
The high heels here are a true tribute to art

2 thoughts on “Women in high heels shoes”

  1. On a beautiful spring day, during lunch hour, I strutted down the street, feeling really good, loving my new pink outfit. I bought a small African violet. Yes, life was good, and I felt glamorous in my sky-high wooden Brazilian wedgies, that is until a twisted ankle sent me and the little violet flying into the gutter. To my rescue, a kind man jumped from his car, but there was no need. Only my pride was injured. The poor little violet? I stuffed her back in the pot. After her brush with death, she lived a long and happy life on my window sill. Geraldine (Gerry) Mellon. I’m already in your records.

    • The African violet is happy!
      I destroyed the ankle and it took me years before I could walk decently. What a story Geraldine, how nice to read you!


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