When a scarf becomes an indispensable tool for your personality.

You enthusiastically purchased ten scarves impressed by the colors and shapes.
Wonderful pieces of fabric that are also unique.
Only you have them.
But it never occurred to you that you had never worn scarves before.
And now?
Maybe you thought of Grace Kelly speeding in her car in Monte Carlo with her face wrapped in a scarf, or the cocktail parties where Audrey Hepburn, wearing a black dress, wrapped her cleavage in the silk of a scarf.
So you have these ten scarves in your drawer and what do you do with them?
You’re the one who uses jeans and a few shirts, or a skirt and a t-shirt and nothing more.
I know exactly how you feel. After the initial excitement, you feel guilty for this risky purchase.

A scarf is so much more than a vintage accessory.

Take a scarf, wrap it around your neck softly. Don’t you notice anything?
Suddenly your face stands out, it’s framed.
Try talking to some co-workers at work, I bet he or she will look at you more carefully. Because you may not know it, but those colors magically make your face stand out, even if it doesn’t have make-up on it.
What’s more, the colors of the scarf will be a real life statement on your face.
All the colors you never dared, are now on that scarf and you wear them without fear.
It would be more difficult to wear a yellow skirt, a green pant, a fuchsia shirt.
With a scarf all this no longer matters.
The colors are on the scarf, all together and in harmony and you didn’t have to think about any matching in your clothes. You could have worn jeans or a black skirt, nothing would have changed.
The scarf is the protagonist, it gives you color on your face, it frames it and you didn’t have to do anything to get it.
So difficult to wear it? It’s just a matter of habit, because a light scarf in summer colors brings out your tan, while in winter it gives your white skin the color that the cold has taken away.

A scarf is a manifesto of your personality.

The scarf you have chosen has words printed on it, or objects or animals reproduced.
It says what you love, it suggests to those around you what you like, what you think, how you want to live.
A client who is a writer always chose scarves with printed words or books, another who is a convinced ecologist chose flowers and plants.
The scarf is the manifesto of your intentions, of your way of life.
Almost a business card.
So take the scarf out of the drawer and tie it to your bag or use it instead of a bracelet. If you don’t want to appear too much, you’re a discreet person, you don’t need to wear the scarf in a very obvious way.
If you want to suggest how you think, use it as a belt, a bracelet, on your bag.
It will be a discreet but present manifesto of how you think and how you live.

And people will have a clear, clean message about who you are and what you do.
Do you understand the versatility of a scarf?
It can be a cheeky accessory for those with an exhibitionist personality, but also a discreet and tenacious accessory for a calm, quiet personality who doesn’t like to show off.
Or better yet: we are a mix of many personalities.
If one day we decide to celebrate in a striking way, we will wear a scarf in a blatant way. If the next day we are in the office and do not want to be in the spotlight, we will use a scarf in the opposite way.
Depending on the mood and the circumstance, a scarf will perfectly suit our needs.

The scarf as a stimulus for communication.

I used to go unnoticed for a long time, until one day I wore a scarf with my design printed on it.

A lady next to me on the street asked me what was printed and where I got that scarf. And a very pleasant exchange of opinions began.
Many times I have started a conversation with a scarf that I have worn.
There’s something magical about that piece of fabric.

Because it immediately attracts like wearing a painting.
And people find it irresistible to ask you something about that scarf you’re wearing.
If you’re shy, it can be a good starting point to be able to talk about something you know that doesn’t involve big words.
On the other hand, if you are a very outgoing person, what better opportunity to communicate with others what you like!

The scarf changes your posture.

Days ago a client of mine wrote to me:
“I quickly wear a dress in the evening after the beach. I feel fit, I’m tanned and on vacation and I don’t particularly care about clothing. But I take one of your scarves and wrap it in my hair and suddenly I raise my head, pull up my neck and become taller. I leave the hotel to go to dinner and as I walk I feel like a Vogue model.
Taller, more beautiful, more of a protagonist. It’s amazing how a scarf makes you feel different. On top of that, I’m not wearing any jewelry or makeup because I’m on vacation and I’ve simplified my suitcase. I also feel as beautiful as if I were at a winter theater premiere.
It’s true. This happens. A very young client of mine used to wear one when there were scout rallies or when she had to do a difficult assignment in school because she felt “like Wonder Woman.”

So don’t be afraid to own too many scarves and open the drawer.
That fabric has the ability to connect all the parts of you and make you truly unique.

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