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“MAD Art Magazine is an online platform created by artists Amanda Innu-Owl and Matt Worldly. MAD strives to discover extraordinary artists who deserve more attention – to provide them with a platform for showcasing their work, speaking their mind, and inspiring the world.”

Head to the Mad Art website to read my interview. Discover what lead to my putting my paint brush down and then picking it up again 10 years later!

Stefania Morgante – When Words Fail, Art Speaks

Amanda DeGouttes
Italian artist Stefania Morgante, is a visionary artist who has been perfecting her craft since she was a small child. She is on a mission to create an art world whilst decorating your life with her paintings, books and dolls, she didn’t come to play!

Stefania is from the “you are too young to understand, keep quiet when adults talk,” generation and thank God! Not being able to understand the world around her allowed her to find the answers through her drawings rather than words. Her figures have a childlike edge to them, the eyes she draws scream curiosity, the kind that runs rampant through young children. Her art is enjoyable, more than what words can truly transcribe, see for yourself.

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