Theory of widows-paper sculptures
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Paper Sculptures-washi paper collage mixed media

Thanks to my first solo show ‘Myths and Fairy tales’ at MAN-Nuoro (Italy) October 12-November 30- 2012, I created some paper sculptures with many different materials, including washi paper and collage.

I love the washi paper because it is as soft as a tissue and as durable as wood.
The washi paper is likely to be folded, crumpled, glued, sewn.

Here are two examples of sculptures made with different types of paper and a book:
The Widows, a work inspired by the traditional black costume of sardinian widows and Accabadora, made with and on Michela Murgia book Accabadora.

My widows are devoid of faces and physical parts, because the pain has destroyed their body.
It’s remained only the stunning dress.
However, The widows walk together to encourage each other.
The detail: on every Widow there is a black swarovski, one up on down, like the notes on a music sheet. This is the music of the steps of the widows, their passions and their pain.
People have admired my work and still writes to me to tell me how much They liked it.

Theory of widows-paper sculptures
Theory of widows-paper sculptures

Paper Sculpture-The Widows, Paper on canvas, washi paper, italian paper, black swarovski, 30X60 cm. 2012
Solo Exhibition ‘Myths and fairy tales’, at MAN-Nuoro (Italy) October 12-November 30, 2012

Accabadora is made with the Murgia’s book.

Some of the pages are the skirt of the character and with collage I created the face of the Accabadora.
The character comes to life out of the pages of the book.The character has a life of its own and begins to tell a new story.The character’s face is two-sided, like her body.

Accabadora-paper sculpture
Accabadora-paper sculpture

paper sculpture-Accabadora, paper sculpture made with and on Michela Murgia’s book ‘Accabadora’, washi paper and collage, Hight 34 cm. 2012
Solo Exhibition ‘Myths and fairy tales’, at MAN-Nuoro (Italy) October 12-November 30, 2012

For details of my Solo Show ‘Myths and Fairy tales’ go to the section Events.

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