Celebrating is one of the most frequent habits of human beings.

And the circus is one of the best places to have fun.
But we usually celebrate a personal or social holiday, we’re used to it.
It’s too easy to celebrate when there’s an anniversary.
Better to do it when you have nothing to celebrate, at least it makes sense of anonymous days.
The inhabitants of a country that we don’t know but that begins with S., have soles full of piric dust and they sparkle on days that there is nothing to celebrate. With friction, colored sparks set off that enliven the monotony of the day.
One trains and gives a sense of joy to the environment.

But the inhabitants of the village of S. are sensible.
Some of them are equipped to extinguish any fires, with a tank on their backs made up of ducks and pheasants full of colonial water mixed with distilled orange blossom: they water the asphalt by spurting the liquid from the skeleton of a salmon.
Everyone celebrates in his or her own way, but in the village of S., you never get bored.

In the village of S. someone celebrates differently.
There is a character who doesn’t look at his shoes and doesn’t make sparks like the others, but walks head up silent and cheerful.
He is tall, very tall, and has long soft hair that moves in the wind and butterflies fly around his hair. With his head he reaches the top of the trees, so that the leaves come off the hooks and get caught in his hair.
He walks a long way, especially when the sun goes down.
He watches the sky with insistence and observes the stars every night. And for each star he makes a wish.

The dreamer feels like a grain of sand in a huge and wonderful universe and for every star he has incredible daydreams.
When the sun is out he sleeps. As soon as the moon comes up he puts on his shoes and coat and goes out.
He celebrates like this, celebrating dreams through the stars.
But the celebrations like this, they never stop. Day and night, with sparks and dreams, we celebrate life in the Land of S.,

And here’s the wonder of the circus

Colored tents, sounds of musical instruments, screams, people warming their voices, jugglers training.
The circus arrives in the country of S., just on the one day that is not celebrated, which is the 31st and a half of July, the holiday of travelers lost and never found.
No celebration, because every 31 and a half July the village reminds us of the depopulation of the rolling hills and has really nothing to celebrate.
But the habit of smiling and being optimistic cannot give up even for one day. And here comes the reinforcements in the country of S.

The phantasmagorical circus Luminol!

It is a very old circus, it seems that some artists descend from the ancient Romans.
And in fact, there’s all kinds of amazing games, all kinds of attraction for the public.
You are amazed at so much street art.
Snail tameers, dragonfly charmers, acrobats on fish bones, clowns with ducks in their pockets, contortionists with rose branches in their hands, dancers dancing with rainbow snakes, prestidigitators with smoking hats, jugglers bouncing butterflies and moths.
Ah, gentlemen, you really should be here on the 31st and a half of July. Nothing to celebrate, but many enchantments to admire!

The Luminol Circus occupies every free space in the country. It has a huge tent and then many small stages that have invaded every alley and every porch of house.
There is a show in the big tent but also outside every house.
The people of the circus are many and all colored. Men and women of all races, from all over the world.
In the caravans, circus people travel thousands of miles around the world. They have no animals, but they imitate them. Some dresses up as snakes, others as tigers, others join in groups and imitate elephants.
They play, sing, dance, fly on trapeziums, spit fire, walk on thin ropes.
At any age they are very athletic and flexible, they are real professionals, even children are very good at entertaining the public.
How much energy they consume during the day.

But especially after the shows that are many during the evening when the sun sets, that hunger They all have right after the last show.
So in the evening, in front of the fires to warm themselves, while they sing and talk, the villagers arrive in the square and bring food of all kinds.
The scent arrives even before the inhabitants and is like a business card. What perfume, what a delight!
In the village of S. they eat special foods because there are so many exotic recipes. The inhabitants are yellow, black, red, green, green, white, high-fat, low-fat and they all live happily together.
The food is a Babylon but it is delicious.

In exchange for this delicious food, especially the grandmothers ask to learn the rudiments of circus art. They are the most curious and the most open to new adventures.
Grandma Closette has chosen to tame earthworms but she still can’t make herself heard and it’s the earthworms who take possession of her skirt.
Grandma Clodovea tries to make a fishbone disappear but still doesn’t understand how to enchant the audience and she is the one who is perplexed in front of people.
From lunch to dinner, from cake to cake, they will learn this ancient art. They’ll have one year, until July 31 and a half of the following year.


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