The poetry that walks.
What does that mean? How can poetry walk? What’s a walking poem?
Oral poetrywalks” through the story from person to person and it is handed down through the centuries.
It is more powerful than written poetry, because oral transmission also exists among the population who cannot read and write.
Oral poetry is perceived closer to the people than written poetry, the heritage of poets and intellectuals.
In reality, poetry is born from mouth to mouth and is sung and proclaimed over the centuries by all social classes.
But it has an incredible strength: because a book can burn, while oral transmission is not lost if there is always someone who passes on the oral poetic tale.

The meaning of walks and poems

Having said that, what do scarves have to do with oral poetry and, above all, what do they have to do with poetry that walks, moves and runs around?
Poetry is an art, but walking is also an art, Thoreau describes it very well.
Thoreau wrote: “you must walk like a camel, which is said to be the only beast which ruminates when walking
Don’t we walk thinking about our life, what happens to us?
To walk is to find yourself, never to get lost.
It is from contact with nature that we discover the true essence of life, far from noise and traffic.
And it is precisely in this very strange time related to the deaths and the worries of Covid19, that we begin to desire the end of the quarantine so that we can finally walk and get back in contact with nature.
To regain a mental and physical equilibrium that at this moment is blocked.
Nature is once again finding its space, without human presence.
To walk is to meditate, to write poetry is to understand the world, life, the mysteries of existence. But also rejoicing in life and the universe.

The walking poems scarves

The fashion accessories I create are a way to embellish the person in a unique way.
The poetry is on the printed images – they are my unique designs – and every person who wears them feels that something in themselves changes.
You feel more beautiful, more elegant, with a unique style.
But that wasn’t enough for me.
I thought that poetry can be worn in different forms. I wanted to find the meaning of the written word, as well as the meaning of the image.
I wanted to embellish a body using other tools on fabric, in this case, written words.
And finally, I wanted to share some of my verses, some published others unpublished.

The sense of a walking poem scarf

Remember when once there were scribes, those who wrote and read letters for those who were not fortunate enough to study?
I certainly don’t presume to identify myself in such a role, nor do I think that people don’t know the alphabet!
It’s just a matter of increasing the skills of each collector by encouraging the artistic part that perhaps has never been fully cultivated.
A bit like when someone says “can you draw a greeting card for me because I love art but I can’t draw“?
Here, to meet the needs of special collectors with my alphabet, neither better nor worse than others just different, maybe more trained in the artistic field.
I think that poetic words can come to the rescue of those who have difficulty in expressing themselves out of shyness, out of embarrassment, because they don’t know how to approach a person without being indiscreet.
An accessory with a poem that is a manifesto and speaks for you.
What a titanic feat!

A walking poem as jewelry to wear

But not only that, a walking poem is also useful for those who want to adorn their heads full of thoughts to lighten.
A silk scarf with a poem that colours the head, frames it, makes it unique and personal.

A walking poem instead of a bracelet, for those who want something simple on the wrist, that says poetic words embellishing the wrist.
Precious because unique, but not as expensive as a jewel.

A walking poem at the ankle, on a summer night by the sea, on the sand, bathed by the sea, light and fresh and without frills but as important as a jewel.

My Walking Poems right now are only six.
Because they are meditated at length in shapes and words.
They tell of female freedom, love, rebellion, lightness.
They are messages that walk on fabric.
Simpler than a scarf, smaller than a scarf, but they are still colorful and walking poems that adorn in less usual areas of the body.

Narrow at the throat, around the head, at the wrist, but also at the ankle.
Discreet, less usual areas.

And if you really want to reinvent an old bag, even knotted on the handle of a bag, it will liven up the look in the blink of an eye.
The bag walks with you along with a walking poem.
I imagine the curiosity of those who look at it knotted on you or on your bag, ask what is written and you tell them that they are verses printed on a unique piece, which you have chosen precisely for this. It is yours and no one else’s.
And what do these verses say? And you’re ready to break the ice.
And the conversation begins.
Maybe sitting in an old café that smells of history and culture, maybe on a beach with a cold drink, or while you’re in a restaurant with friends.

Thus the rite of oral poetry is renewed: telling a small silk handkerchief and declaiming the verses printed on it.
The silk becomes a walking poem.
Your fashion accessory becomes a walking poem.
Say a thought aloud and recite poetic words around the world.
The words walk, the words express themselves on the fabric and you, you are the unique and special declamators of all this.
Isn’t all this wonderful?

Words walk, poems walk, on your body.

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