Words are important.

Words accompany our every thought, give it a concrete form, shape the feelings, but above all establish a relationship between ourselves and the world.
Our vocabulary this year has been enriched with words that are not always positive.
Pandemic, virus, coronavirus, breathing difficulties, death, hospital, intensive care, fear anxiety.
Our brain has been shaped with words rich in anxiety, and media like social media have become a sounding board for all this negativity.

Twelve hours a day our brain is active and has millions of connections.

And what do we think in this period? catastrophic and hypochondriac scenarios.
Reality changes in the direction of our thoughts.
We do not see an end to negative things, we cannot imagine a different, lighter and more optimistic life.
But where does the real reality ends and the imagined one begins? where is the boundary? do we perceive it? or is the thought faster than understanding even if immediate?

And here comes our way of thinking and creating reality.
Let’s stop for a moment and reflect.
When did we start changing our collective thoughts towards darker scenarios?
Obviously at the beginning of 2020, when every country was hit by the pandemic.
This word, pandemic, was in the school books.
And suddenly from books to reality.

We have archived other more common words in our lives: vacation, travel, relaxation, airplane, movement, restaurant, friends, promenade, cinema, theater, museums, exhibitions and many others, which involved a social life.
Words used until a few months ago, then put in a drawer and still not taken out in many places in the world.
Forgotten words, archived life.

I think the time has come to replace some words, to start living again.
It will not be the same life as before, there will be a before and an after covid, but our vocabulary must help us to live better.
If it is not a real journey from one country to another, it will be a journey into fantasy, or an inner journey.
Breathing, closing our eyes, tasting the silence, the journey can improve our relationship with ourselves, it can put us in front of our merits, it can help us to love each other.
In this direction, I constantly draw notebooks that have as their theme life, dance, angels, fairies, beauty.

Notebooks that call new words.

One of my formidable clients bought one of my notebooks in a short time and another client bought another notebook for her niece.
Notebooks that are used to write secrets of adolescence, to write everyday thoughts.
They were created to become personal diaries, pages for writing notes, for wish lists.
Last but not least, handwriting helps to better fix the concepts and to relax, giving yourself moments all for yourself.

Finding old letters and old diaries makes us imagine incredible time travel.
A notebook can really make us travel back in time or forward into the future.

And it can make us change language.
Writing about passions, loves, desires, dreams, fixing all these feelings on paper, makes us breathe, smile, imagine…
A diary, even just writing in the evening at least three positive things that have happened to us during the day, change our reality because we focus on positive reasons.

I had difficulty months ago finding three positive things in one day.
Now after some time, the list is much longer and during the day my everyday life has a very different heaviness from the past.
We are still in the pandemic, we are in the second wave of deaths and intensive therapies full of sick people, but my brain wants and desires new words.
And I also write in a diary drawn by myself.

A diary heals the soul and shapes new words.

Just start.
With a few sentences, even of anger, of discouragement.
You can throw down negative words that you have in your body. Then you start to find only one positive thing in one day in the darkness of life and write it down.
And the next day you write two, then three. You strive to find positive words.

Even in the darkest moment of your life, I’m sure you will find them.
But it’s not enough, at least to me it wasn’t enough.
In these strange and disturbing months, I drew a calendar full of positive words and colorful and cheerful images.
I thought that we have to fill the whole year and all the months with old and new words, but they model our reality in an optimistic way.

I have done even more.
In addition to my words, I left a lot of empty spaces for each person to add their words.
Large spaces where to write good things, positive words, good things to do, events that must happen or have happened. So many beautiful things to remember, to keep in mind.
They are expanded spaces to increase positive vibrations.

Getting up in the morning and sipping coffee while reading words like passion, generosity, health, cheerfulness, smile, balance, ambition, courage, color, tenderness and many more, helps to see with new eyes.
And don’t you face the day in a better way?
Besides, the calendar is limited edition for fans, signed on the back and has free shipping.
We want new words, new life, new habits.
Together, we can build a wonderful world, let’s start today!

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