radio RAI Sardegna
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Radio-The important thing is to exaggerate: n. 26-Podcast Radio 1 RAI

Here at the minute 10:09 about, my first radio interview on radio 1 RAI Sardinia.

radio RAI Sardegna
radio RAI Sardegna

Very exciting for a shy person like me, but Stefano and Serena have managed to make me have fun and reassure … and the radio is a really formidable means even for the shy!

Title: The important thing is to exaggerate: n. 26
Author: Fozzi Stefano, Schiffini Serena
Direction: Fozzi Stefano, Maccioni Cristina, Schiffini Serena
Audio Technician: Casti Simone, Zurru Davide
Publisher: Rai Sardegna
Date of registration: 2012/12/14
Date of transmission: 2012/12/14
Channel: Radio Rai Sardegna

Program: The important thing is to exaggerate
Conductor: Fozzi Stefano, Schiffini Serena
Collection: Rai Archive
Typology: radio broadcasting
Topic: Art, Economy and society, Events, Literature, Places of culture, Music, Entertainment, Sport
Language: Italian

Description: A bit of a weekly agenda, a bit of a meeting with every aspect of culture and entertainment in Sardinia and a bit of a stage on which groups and musicians from the island perform, acoustically and entirely live. Together with the two presenters, Serena Schiffini and Stefano Fozzi, many guests with whom to talk about current events, literary news, important and minor events throughout Sardinia. The important thing is to exaggerate, on the informal Friday of Radio RAI Sardinia.

You can listen to me here.

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